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Meet Mrs. Madden
I graduated from The University of South Carolina in 1997 with a degree in Elementary Education.  I taught at Brushy Creek Elementary for 6 years, where I was honored to be named Teacher of the Year, Top 10 District Teacher of the Year, and Distinguished Reading Teacher of the Year.  During that time, I earned my Masters Degree in divergent learning from Columbia College.  I also earned National Board Certification in Early Childhood.  I moved to my childhood school, Blythe Academy, where I taught for three years and was honored to be PTA Teacher of the Year.  When the principal there retired, I knew it was time to transfer one more time to get closer to home.  I have been teaching at Bell's Crossing since 2007, where I have been honored to be Distinguished Reading Teacher of the Year for both the school and the district.  All 19 years of my teaching have been in 2nd grade.  It is absolutely the BEST grade ever!

When I'm not teaching, I love to spend time with my husband.  We love to attend concerts and sporting events.  You can find me at Williams-Brice cheering on my Gamecocks if it's a home game!  We have two sweet and energetic boxers named Chloe and Sampson. 

We love, love, love Halloween!  I will use any excuse to throw a great themed party and I LOVE to dress up!  I also have a love for adrenaline sports, not shared by my husband.  I love anything that gets my adrenaline pumping. :) My favorite summer activity is skydiving!  Maybe next summer will be the year I get Mr. Madden to join in the fun!

Kylie is really good at gymnastics.  Her favorite food is chocolate and she likes playing on ipads.

Sierra is not a fan of peanut butter, but she loves bouncy houses!  She's a great dancer and loves to eat pizza.

Makayla is an awesome soccer player who loves eating pizza.  She loves her Goldendoodle, but is not a fan of snakes!

Chalmers' favorite food is sushi.  He likes going to his friends' houses and playing football.  He doesn't like it when people are mean!

Adam loves watermelon and playing football.  He doesn't like motorcycles, but likes to spend his free time playing with soldiers.

Charlotte loves chocolate. She is really good at soccer.  In her free time, she likes playing on a tablet.

Brody can often be found eating shrimp or riding his scooter.  He's a great baseball player.  He does not like mushrooms or jelly.

Genia is an apple-loving gymnast!  She likes to rider her scooter when she has time and she avoids hot sauce at all costs!

Jaden likes playing hockey and baseball.  He loves steak, but hates bees.  He loves his family and pets and hopes to do fun stuff in second grade.

Hannah is an artist who loves to eat strawberries.  She enjoys playing, but is not happy when she is late.

Judah is really good at cleaning.  He loves chicken. He does not like when his brother hits him.

Sadie is a noodle-loving gymnast.  She likes to watch TV in her free time and hopes to learn more math this year.  She does not like having to eat things she doesn't like.

Dailn is not a fan of peanut butter, but she loves bouncy houses!  She's a great dancer and loves to eat pizza.

Brandon loves watermelon, but not mushrooms.  He is a great soccer player who wants to learn more about snakes.

Landon is a great soccer player who likes playing on ipads in his free time.  He loves chocolate.  He hopes to learn division this year, but isn't really a fan of writing.

Sarah thinks candy canes are the best food in the world!  She is an excellent roller skater and also likes to draw in her free time.  She does NOT like giant spiders.

John loves meatloaf and cats.  He is not a fan of dogs.  He likes playing video games and hopes to learn about penguins this year.

Zhamia loves her pets and pizza, but she does not love drinking water.  In her free time, she can be found playing on an ipad.

Harrison is a taco-loving, baseball player!  He likes to ride his bike in his free time, but doesn't like green beans.

Emery likes tacos and video games.  He's a great baseball player who does not like tubing. He hopes to write many stories in second grade.

Jake loves ice cream and is an amazing runner.  In his free time, he likes to build things. Jake does not like time-out.

Charlie could eat chocolate every day!  He's an incredible baseball player and likes to practice golf in his free time.  He would like to learn more about ants this year.

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