Newsletter - Week of August 29


TEAM Homework Example

The students did so well with their homework this past week!  As a class, we earned 253 points for the full 15 minutes of free time!  There were just a few confusions, so I wanted to clarify them with this post.

Take a look at this sample.  On it, I see that our weekly spelling words are listed - all lists.  Each Monday your child will take a spelling pretest.  If he/she scores an 80% or above on that pretest, he/she will move to list B for the week, if not, your child will stay on list A.  Your child should have his/her spelling words for the week highlighted in yellow on the newsletter.  Those are the words he/she should practice for the week.

Now, take a peek at the homework section.  Suggested activities for each night are listed.  Your child should draw a star by the activities he/she completes each night.  Personally, I would not do this for your child.  Starting now, in second grade, I would begin to let him/her be more and more responsible for tasks like this - you'll appreciate it later! :)

If "extra" tasks are completed throughout the week, go ahead and star those, too!  You'll notice "HEROES Club" has two stars next to it.  This means the child completed two of those activities this week.  Get credit where credit is due! :) 

On Thursday night, have your child count up his/her stars and write the total, along with his/her name.  Then, all you have to do is sign it!  Your child should put it back in his/her folder to turn into school on Friday.  No other papers need to be returned.  If your child wrote his/her spelling words five times each or wrote a story - wonderful, but it doesn't need to be turned in at school - only the newsletter.

I hope this helps to clarify.  Let me know if you still have questions about the homework process. :)


Newsletter - August 22 Week

Each week, your child will have a hard copy of our class newsletter in his/her HERO folder. A copy will also be posted here on our class blog for your convenience.  Just a reminder to read the Spelling Test and TEAM Homework explanations that were sent home in folders last week.  If you have questions let me know.  Your child will have his/her spelling list highlighted on the newsletter each week.  Your child should practice his/her list along with the words on the "both" list.

For homework, all tasks are optional.  Choose the ones that will benefit your child.  Extra tasks are included for enrichment.  Your child should draw a star by each task that is completed.  On Thursday, he/she should count up the stars and write the total number before asking you to sign the page.  This newsletter page is the ONLY thing that needs to be turned in for homework.  We will count up our class stars to see how many we earned as a TEAM for Friday learning game time minutes.

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