Newsletter - Week of October 26


Raz-Kids {Reading Website}

Good news!  We now have a subscription to Raz-Kids!  This is a website that serves as a great tool for reading.  Each student has been set up to begin at his/her own individual reading level.

To start, login to my teacher page with the following code:  amadden8

Once there, simply find and click on your child's name.  The password is your child's birthday (two digits for month and two digits for day - example, my birthday is August 21, so my password would be 0821).

Encourage your child to use this website once or twice a week at home!  Of course, if they love it, they are welcome to use it more! :)


Newsletter - Week of October 12-14 and October 19-23

Our newsletter is for the following two weeks - the short 3-day week (Oct. 12-14) and the week of Oct. 19-23.  There is no homework for the short week.  All homework listed is for the week of Oct. 19-23 and should be returned on Friday, Oct. 23.  The spelling words listed are also for that full week - take advantage of the extra study time! :)


Newsletter - Week of October 5

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