Welcome to Our Classroom Zoo!

Did you miss our Classroom Zoo?  Take a look at each of the exhibits below.  Students did such an amazing job researching and learning about their animals.  They were quite the little experts!  We would love for you to share this link with grandparents, or other family members who would like a glimpse of the learning taking place in our classroom. <3

Each child published their own non-fiction chapter book about an animal, created a habitat diorama, created a life-sized replica of the animal, designed a sign of important information, and wrote a little blurb to tell visitors as they toured the zoo!

Miller: Cheetah Specialist

Aaron: Bear Specialist

Siena: Polar Bear Specialist

Isabella: Meerkat Specialist

Addison: Peacock Specialist

Joseph: Penguin Specialist

Zoey: Sea Turtle Specialist

Drew: Snake Specialist

Joshua: Frog Specialist

Sydney: Salamander Specialist

CJ: Hermit Crab Specialist

Peyton: Starfish Specialist

Drew: Tiger Specialist

Kristen: Dolphin Specialist

Jordyn: Whale Specialist

Sara: Chimpanzee Specialist

Emma: Panda Specialist

Jade: Rabbit Specialist

Adam: Cat Specialist

Cade: Skunk Specialist


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