Operation Shoebox

Each year, our school participates in Operation Shoebox.  Each class "adopts" a troop stationed overseas and sends a box filled with goodies from home to them for the holidays.

There are specific items that can be collected and sent, and to avoid duplications I have assigned each student in our class one of the items to donate to our box.

A couple things to keep in mind - 1) ALL of these items need to fit in one shoebox so do not feel the need to bring in multiple items, and 2) ALL donations should be travel-sized items so that they will all fit into the box.

Please see the list below and send in your item by November 10.  This will give our class time to organize them in our box and decorate/wrap our box before sending it off.

If you would like to send in extra donations, please see the end of the list for items you could send in.


Isabella - Gum

Sydney - Shampoo

Addison - Toothpaste

Drew (5) - Toothbrush      

Drew (6) - Floss

Emma - Q-Tips

Miller - Sunscreen

Peyton - Lotion

Jade - Baby Wipe

Aaron - Tissues

Joseph - Deodorant

Adam - Sanitizer

Jordyn - Shaving Cream

Sara - Lip Balm

CJ - Batteries

Siena - Flash Light

Joshua - Duct Tape

Kristen - Plastic Spoons

Zoey - Pens/Pencils

Cade - Crossword Puzzles

Ryan - Individual Powder Drink Mixes (ex. Crystal Lite)

If anyone would like to send in an extra item, these may also be donated:

Socks (Cushioned white calf height)

Disposable Camera


Phone Card

Sudoku Books

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