First Week Fun! {A Peek at Our Week}

I will try to post a few pics each week to give you an inside glance at our classroom happenings.  Hopefully this will be one more way to keep you connected to our classroom.

Students have enjoyed interviewing friends and survey their classmates to get to know each other a little better already!  So many new friends!

Students were soooo excited to shop for books when our classroom library opened! #meltmyheart

Students wrote about the "buckets of fun" they had this summer and what they want to "dig" into this year in 2nd grade.

We've already learned a little about author Robert Munsch and worked on identifying story problems and solutions with the book Aaron's Hair.

Students worked with a partner to review "flip flop facts" and had fun proving their answers by sliding the beads up.

But, students were most excited about being able to read in our classroom "cozy" spots!

Now that students have chosen books on their reading levels, we've started opening the computers for AR testing....tomorrow we'll be setting 1st quarter reading goals. <3 

I hope you enjoyed a peek at our first week of second grade! ;)


Newsletter - Week of August 25


TEAM Homework

Our classroom uses the TEAM homework approach.  This system allows each student to focus on the homework that he/she NEEDS.  Students have been working hard at school all day long, so I want the practice they do at home to be FUN.  You'll see a lot of games instead of worksheets.  I hope that this will help families integrate "homework" into quality family time.

Read more about this approach below and look for homework options on our newsletter each week.

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